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Couple at the Beach


Using practical, Biblical truth and evidence-based Counseling techniques, Odona works with Individuals and Couples to invite healing to the
brokenness that life often brings. 

The first step is to book a consultation call.  During this call, we will discuss your needs and you will be able to ask questions to help you determine if you want to move forward with counseling.  

*Please note that Counseling services are currently only available to Georgia residents.
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Client Testimonials

I was surprised at how comfortable I was talking to Odona. She listens without judgment, and she has been instrumental in my healing journey. My time in therapy has transformed me and my family. My youngest daughter says "I've never been to therapy, but a therapist changed my life." I'm so thankful for what I've learned about processing trauma, identifying emotions, and communicating effectively, to name a few. Her guidance and support have enabled me to look forward with hope instead of despair and look backward with curiosity and kindness instead of shame.

Leslie Cardwell

I just wanted to let you know that through all the hard times in my previous marriage, and all of the counseling and desperation, I learned a lot about myself and about self improvement and about endurance And non-selfishness, and even though it was a very painful 10 year marriage, you truly were my lifeline and taught me a lot and everything you taught me, I have applied in my current relationship, and since we are both in it to be a blessing to each other I feel like the things that you taught me have taken my relationship to the next level and I just appreciate you for that!


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