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Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders, with some studies citing more than one quarter of American adults have some form of diagnosable anxiety disorder.  The statistics climb even higher when looking at young adults aged 18-29 years old with an estimated 40% experiencing some form of anxiety.  Children are also impacted and are most likely underdiagnosed.  So, if you are experiencing some symptoms of anxiety, you are not alone!


Anxiety symptoms can include restlessness, overthinking, feelings of overwhelm, racing thoughts, trouble sleeping, and others. Anxiety symptoms are often physical in nature and may include gastrointestinal issues, muscle soreness, exhaustion, shallow breathing, and more.  


Some causes of anxiety may be rooted in physical health, so it is important to see your doctor.  Some physical issues that may contribute to anxiety symptoms include hyperthyroid, asthma, diabetes, sleep apnea, and irritable bowel syndrome among others.  If you have not had a regular physical appointment with your doctor, make an appointment right away to rule out any physical cause for your anxiety symptoms.


If you have already seen a doctor and are still experiencing anxiety symptoms, whether physical or emotional in nature, counseling is the next logical step. First, schedule a consultation to help determine if the therapist is a good fit for you.  Therapists, just like individuals, have different styles and personalities that shape the way they approach therapy with their clients. During this consultation, feel free to ask questions.  View this as a sort of job interview for the therapist and for you as a client.  The therapist will ask you questions to help determine if they are the right fit to offer the help that you need. You should ask questions that will help you determine if you would like to work with the therapist, as well. Ask about credentials, education, training, the counseling theories they use, how often therapy will take place, and the costs associated with therapy, in addition to scheduling availability.

For instance, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia.  I graduated with a BA degree in Psychology with a minor in Communications from Wesleyan College.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a MS degree in Community Counseling from Columbus State University. I have been practicing Counseling for more than 15 years.  I received supervision from well-known Christian counselors in Columbus, GA to learn how to incorporate Christian counseling into a professional and research backed therapy approach. I am a Cognitive Behavioral therapist.  For new clients, I prefer to see them weekly at the beginning.  As clients improve, we will eventually move to biweekly, and reducing sessions as symptoms improve and maintenance continues.  Costs associated vary depending on insurance or self-pay.  I offer in-person appointments 2 days a week, and teletherapy 4 days a week.  Hours available are 9-5, depending on the day of the week.  

Ready to schedule?  Click the link below to book a consultation appointment.



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