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When the Storms Rage

Time and again, life hurls difficulties at us. At our identity, our faith, our beliefs, our families, our health. Holding onto our relationships during these challenging times can be hard. When relationships are already rocky or unstable, the little storms that come along can often batter us beyond repair.

So how do we prepare our relationships to withstand the storm? If you have ever experienced a hurricane (hello, beach dwellers!) or watched the weather reporting on hurricanes on television, people begin preparing days before the storm is scheduled to arrive. They put plywood over windows. If they don't evacuate, they get gas for their generators, pull out the candles, flashlights, batteries, and make sure there are easy meals and clean drinking water. These smart people do not wait until the winds are battering their homes and powerlines are compromised before they begin to get ready. They plan and take appropriate actions to secure their homes and their safety to the best of their abilities.

We should prepare our relationships in much the same way. When life seems to be going well, we should be nurturing our relationships and strengthening them to prepare for the upcoming storm. As a wise person once told me, you are either in the storm, about to be in the storm, or just getting out of the storm. Storms are inevitable, so we must always be at the ready. Unfortunately, there is no weather station for each of our individual lives to tell us exactly when a storm is coming. We have to always be at the ready.

So, how do we do that? By putting in the work. Instead of putting plywood on windows, we pray together for a hedge of protection around our family. Instead of candles, we have candlelit dinners for two full of intimate conversation. Instead of buying gas for our generators, we dream and plan a future together. We establish a plan and execute the steps to get us there. A common goal (like a beach house), could pull us to work together and move forward together.

Just a little focus on our relationships can go a long way. A date night once a week (without the kids), a date night once a month, and a get away once a year, can offer your relationship the opportunity to grow and strengthen. Then, when the storms of life come your way, you are ready and can hold each other up and withstand the storm together.

If you and your partner are having difficulty nurturing your relationship and strengthening your bond, schedule a consultation for coaching or counseling. Let's see if working together could help you stormproof your relationship.


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