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Relationships are the cornerstone of the human experience.  Our relationship with God often defines our relationships with others, so it is can be helpful to begin there.  At the very beginning.  If our relationship with God is intact and healthy, then we can begin looking at how and why are relationships are not what we want them to be. 


A relationship coach can help you determine key areas of relationships to work on.  The differentiation between counseling and coaching can sometimes be confusing to the lay person.  To clarify, coaching is only available for those who do not have a diagnosable mental health disorder or who are stable and effectively managing their mental health.  Another key difference between counseling and coaching is the format.  For marriage counseling, I typically see people once a week to begin and move toward biweekly, then monthly sessions before terminating counseling.  For coaching, we typically do a once a month schedule for set periods of 3, 6,9, or 12 months.  Counseling costs are set and charged per session.  Coaching costs may be more affordable as they can be purchased in packages if paid for in advance, often reducing the cost per session. 

Relationship coaching for marriage, typically follows a clear path and formula depending on the specific needs of the couple.  Coaching plays on the strengths of the couple to walk along side them as they come up with some clear solutions to try.  Problem solving and action steps are key components to the coaching process.

How do you begin coaching? The first step is scheduling a 15 minute consultation to clarify your goals and reasons for coaching.  It is important to be sure that this is the right fit. It is important that you feel comfortable with your coach to create a healthy, working, coaching relationship. Important questions to ask a potential coach would include where they received their training?  Do they have any credentials or certifications? How do they stay up to date on their credentials?  Ask about costs and any discount packages they may have available.  These should help you determine if the individual has the qualifications needed to help you meet your goals.

Ready to schedule?  Click the button below to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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