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Which is Right for YOU?
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Begin Your Journey

Your journey to better relationships begins today.  Odona Whiddon, Licensed Professional Counselor, is available for Counseling, Coaching, and Speaking Engagements. 

Odona's areas of expertise include:

  • Happy, Healthy Marriages

  • Speaking your Spouse's Love Language

  • Navigating Conflict in Marriage

  • Speaking Your Child's Love Language

  • The Path to Healing after an Abusive Relationship

  • Depression & Anxiety in Women

  • Finding our Best in Christ

  • Are you functional in your daily life but believe that there could be some improvements?                          

  • Do you feel your relationships could be improved by learning better communication skills?                        

  • Are you unhappy with where you are in life, but are not sure what to do to get to where you want to be?

  • Do you have, or are you seeking, a diagnosis for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, or another mental health disorder?                                                

  • Do you have a substance abuse problem or are seeking assistance in maintaining your sobriety?                     

  • Do you have unresolved trauma that has not been addressed or treated?

Meet Odona Whiddon, MS, LPC

Enthusiasm & Grace

Coaching & Speaking

Innovating Change in Relationships

Healthy, Happy Marriage

This course is a 6-month journey of exploring your past, present, and future relationship with your spouse.  It's designed to help you reconnect with each other and form lasting habits to keep the connection alive.  Activities and discussions will facilitate the creation of new behaviors to build spiritual, emotional, and physical bonds for a healthy, God-honoring marriage.  Get ready to reconnect, reignite, and fan the flames for a lifetime!

Religious Objects

Healing After Abuse

Odona knows that each person's journey is unique and timely.  As a survivor of abuse, she knows the journey to healing is difficult and personal.  By sharing her own testimony, Odona leaves the audience with renewed hope in God, His people, and the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

Keynote Speaking

With a joyful heart for helping others be their best selves in Christ, Odona shares a message of hope for a brighter future.  Her love of people and Jesus collide for an uplifting experience certain to motivate and ignite a renewed purpose in all who attend.

Clapping Audience
Beach Stroll

Relationship Coaching

You can begin again.  With forgiveness, better communication skills, new habits, boundaries, and God's perfect design, you can improve and bring about lasting change in both current and future relationships.  Coaching with Odona promotes personal growth to redefine and energize what the word "relationship" really means.

Audience Testimonials

What People Are Saying

I highly recommend Odona Whiddon as a speaker for your upcoming event! .. . .My husband and I recently attended our MOPS group's MOPS & POPS event. Odona spoke about the importance of making God the center of our marriage. She helped us brainstorm ideas on how we can make more time for each other and to make that time more meaningful through couples' devotions, shared activities, and date nights. The games we played at the end were an added bonus! 

Sara Carvella

We had a wonderful time when she came and spoke to our MOPS group. She was very engaging and she presented very useful information. For us she presented the Five Love Languages of kids, but she’s a very versatile speaker! She connected so well with our group. We all learned a so many practical things that we were able to take away and we feel like we have a new friend on top that! I highly recommend her!

Molly Clifton

Odona spoke to our group last week and it truly was helpful to so many in our group! She spoke on anxiety and depression and what she had to share was so enlightening and encouraging. She made everyone feel at ease and gave everyone hope.
Thank you again Odona for coming!

Rachel Elrod

Client Testimonials

What People Are Saying

I was surprised at how comfortable I was talking to Odona. She listens without judgment, and she has been instrumental in my healing journey. My time in therapy has transformed me and my family. My youngest daughter says "I've never been to therapy, but a therapist changed my life." I'm so thankful for what I've learned about processing trauma, identifying emotions, and communicating effectively, to name a few. Her guidance and support have enabled me to look forward with hope instead of despair and look backward with curiosity and kindness instead of shame.

Leslie Cardwell

I just wanted to let you know that through all the hard times in my previous marriage, and all of the counseling and desperation, I learned a lot about myself and about self improvement and about endurance And non-selfishness, and even though it was a very painful 10 year marriage, you truly were my lifeline and taught me a lot and everything you taught me, I have applied in my current relationship, and since we are both in it to be a blessing to each other I feel like the things that you taught me have taken my relationship to the next level and I just appreciate you for that!


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