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Have you ever felt that you and your spouse are no longer connecting on an emotional level?  
Maybe you have felt that you no longer talk the way you used to?
Maybe you just miss spending time together?


Most married couples experience these feelings from time to time, but many couples get stuck in this space.  Being stuck here can be dangerous to your relationship.  It can make you and your spouse vulnerable to outside temptations including emotional affairs, online chatting, adulterous affairs, pornography, just to name a few!

By communicating regularly (and not just talking the logistics of family responsibilities, but REAL Talk!), you can improve your relationship and help safeguard your marriage and develop a long lasting, loving relationship that is healthier for both of you.  

Couples are deeply hurting each other because they simply do not know how to communicate with one another.  They are craving connection.  They are desperate to be understood.  They are crying out for help but have no idea of what to do or how to do it!

And, even in Christian families, the problems seem to be the same!   


After more than a decade of counseling couples, reading books, attending workshops, etc.  I have developed my own coaching method by taking the bits and pieces that made sense from the many books and programs I attended and focusing in on the pieces that brought about real results.  I help husbands become the spiritual leaders that God has called them to be, and help wives lead the charge, if needed, to bring their relationship right back to the throne of God.   We open up communication in ways they have never experienced before.  This allows them to become more vulnerable with each other, which leads to deeper discussion, deeper connection, and a deeper love and appreciation for their spouse.  

It is my privilege and honor to work with couples and help them to step into the marriage that God has planned for them.  

If you would like more information, please contact me.  There will never be a better time to begin!

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